Seeking for a Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool for Outlook 2007?

Outlook 2007, one of the latest version of Microsoft Outlook that has gained a lot of popularity in short time. It's appreciated for its advanced features that can assist users in an effective communication process. With Outlook you can organize your emails with different font size and colors, which you cannot find in any other email client. You can preview the emails using the preview option just before you send your mails.



Since it was introduced recently and constituted a remarkable upgrade in the features. Due to this many started upgrading the older versions to 2007, to take advantages of its enriched features. In such cases of migration, you may end up in corrupting the PST file.   This makes all the data from Outlook to be inaccessible and causes its loss. However, using Scanpst.exe can help you to fix it but it won't be able to recover your files completely or sometimes fails to repair due to severe damage.  Thereby, it has to be fixed with the help of an external aid such as repair tools. Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool Outlook 2007 is one of such software that is built with advanced technologies and algorithms to find the root cause of the PST corruption and fix corrupt PST file in fractions of time. We can discuss morethis software in the later part of this article. Before that let us go through some reasons that can lead to the corruption of PST files

Possible scenarios that can cause the corruption of PST files:

Abnormal termination:  Power problems are the most common event that you happen to come across now and then. If in case you are working with Outlook and the system shuts down without prior notice there can be possibilities of PST file corruption due to abnormal exit. One of the common symptoms is, Outlook fails to respond when you try to open it

Improper Archiving method:  When an Outlook is used on a large basis, it may get loaded with huge amounts of data. As the data increases the PST file gets occupied and may exceed its size limit and result in corruption.  Thus, to avoid this user try to compress the PST file. Even after this you may face a PST file corrupt due to use of unreliable compressing tools

Malware attacks:  Generally Outlook uses a network connection to send and receive messages. During this process, if an infected file is downloaded on your system or an infected device in connecting to your computer. The virus can replicate and cause corruptions of PST file. This ends up in major data loss from Outlook



Forget all your worries!!! Since a renewed and an effective repair tool is here to guide you. Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool Outlook 2007 is more advancedd tool that Inbox Repair software that as the capability to fix any major corruption and regain your data. If you are not aware of the PST file location then you can make use of Find PST File option. This application lets to fix Outlook mailbox and retrieve its content with ease. This software also has the ability to repair Microsoft outlook 2010 where it is programmed with best repair techniques using which it can effectively repair and then restore all attributes Emails, Contacts, Calendar items, Tasks, Notes, Appointments, and RSS Feeds etc.

This application can fix all the issues in Outlook and makes the data from it accessible to users, even damage done to Outlook 2003 PST file can also be fixed without facing any difficulty. It can restore emails, Contacts, Reminders, Appointments and many other folders that you use on your system. Explore More on email recovery in the provided link.

Follow the below to use Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool Outlook 2007  :-

Step 1: Download the software to your Windows system. Select "Open PST File" to open your PST file with known location or select "Find PST File" or select "Select Outlook Profile" to select the PST file from your Outlook profile

Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool Outlook 2007- Main  Screen

Fig 1: Main Page

Step 2: Now browse and select the damaged PST file

Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool Outlook 2007- Open PST File Screen

Fig 2: Select PST File



Step 3: Next, select the destination location to save your fixed PST file

Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool Outlook 2007 - Select Destination location Screen

Fig 3: Choose Destination Path

Step 4: The software fixes the process and shows the preview of the Outlook attributes in a new screen. On save the PST file back to the system after purchasing the software online

Recovering Pictures After a System Restore- Preview Screen

Fig 3: Preview Screen

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