Lost your Outlook emails due to PST file corruption?

Outlook is one of mail email clients used on a wide range all around the world. It majorly contributes half of the amount of email clients used all around the world. You can enrich your emails with different font styles and colors with the use of Outlook. At certain instance, you may encounter corruption to your mailboxes due to certain unexpected events that happen in your system one of the common ones is discussed below



On one fine day you were working on your office on an important project. One of your senior authorities sent you a crucial mail. You were reading it and as you were involved in reading the mail. Without your notice, you stepped on the wiring, which brought out the connection. Due to this, your system was shut down in an improper way leading to the abnormal termination of Outlook. When you restarted your system, you were surprised to see that Outlook a stopped responding. What can be your condition now? This is one of the instances that an employer never wishes to go through. In this article let us find a remedy for this. For now let us have a brief knowledge about the different events that may cause a PST file corruption. Peek In here to extract more info on  how to fix damaged PST file

Generally, Outlook is used on all business organizations as a basic email client to communicate messages among the employers. For the communication, they make of internet connectivity. PST files even can be shared in a network. In such a course, if the PST file is misused by anyone then the Mailbox may get corrupted leading to the inaccessibility of data

Malware make the network as the main source, through which they can cause infections. When a user browses the internet and downloads any file to the system, there can be a risk of PST file corruption since the virus can reside on a system and cause damage of all the files.

Microsoft will be upgrading the application often at certain time intervals. When a newer version is released, people prefer to update the older ones to the newer version. During this up-gradation process, if a user follows an improper process then it can lead to damage of PST files



Repair Outlook Mailbox is an eminent tool that can fix any severe PST file damage and retrieve your Outlook data that was rendered to be inaccessible. It can repair Outlook inbox from 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 versions. It also enables preview of the recovered PST file content by the end of the repair process.  You can execute this software on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, Windows XP, Vista, server 2003 and 2008 version.

This software is capable of fixing the PST file damage and retrieve emails on Outlook  including other attributes like Appointments, Contacts, Reminders, Task and so on. It takes only some fraction of seconds for the repair and recovery process to be completed without any interruptions.

Steps to fix Outlook mailbox:-

Step 1: Install the demo version of this software on your host system. Then launch the software and click on "Open PST File" from the home page

Repair Outlook Mailbox - Main  Screen

Fig 1: Home Page

Step 2: Now browse and select the location of the damaged PST file

Repair Outlook Mailbox  -  Open PST File Screen

Fig 2: Browse Damaged PST File



Step 3: Now the software prompts the screen asking you to select the destination location, Browse and select the path and proceed to next

Repair Outlook Mailbox   - Select Destination location Screen

Fig 3: Choose Destination Path

Step 4: Finally after the repair the process, the software lets you preview the recovered Outlook attributes

Repair Outlook Mailbox- Preview Screen

Fig 4: Preview Recovered Outlook Attributes

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