As you know, Microsoft Outlook PST file holds vital information such as, emails, Contacts, Calendar Items, etc. So it becomes necessary to password protect PST file. If your are on a shared computer without separate user accounts, you don’t want the other user(s) looking at your private email etc. then also it becomes necessary to password protect PST file. This PST file is assets for users, any type of damage to PST file or deletion of data from it by unauthorized users can put you in a great problem. Thus, if you are looking for a tool to password protect PST file so, that nobody can access it then no need to worry! Here comes wonderful software which can easily protect your Outlook PST file within a fraction of seconds without any effort. This tool is known as Remo MORE and has become sensational in the software industry.

Download Remo MORE Windows

In this modern era, technology is playing a very important role as, much more people are attracting towards it. When it comes to communication people are making use of emails. If you have an important email received from your dear one and if you don’t want to lose it any cost then don’t be tensed as, you can lock PST file information with the aid of one most popular tool named Remo MORE as stated above. By locking your PST file you can gain number of benefits. If your computer is shared by many people then chances of accessing your PST file information by unauthorized users is completely high. If you are witnessing this problem and looking for a way to protect your PST file then, you can achieve so, by using the inbuilt feature of Outlook program. But, the problem associated with this kind of method is that, protecting PST files in this manner is not completely safe i.e. it can easily be cracked by anyone.

Thus, to achieve a strong and robust security you should use Remo MORE Software. This software has the ability to lock PST file so, that it can’t be cracked at any cost and it works in automated manner. It has the capability to fulfill all the requirements needed to perform PST file lock process. As, said before that this software has automated process i.e. no need to do anything manually and it performs all the steps successfully that are required to password protect PST file automatically in just a few simple clicks of mouse. This software is built with advanced algorithms which come handy to generate a robust and reliable password for your PST file, which can’t be cracked. It has a user friendly interface which makes users convenient to use it. It is famous across the world for its superb performance. Many software industry experts have recommended it to lock PST file to keep it safe and secure. The best part of the software is that it is completely free of cost. Hence, make use of this incredible software to perform PST file lock process.

Steps to perform PST file lock using Remo MORE Software:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software and Run the software. From the main screen select “Manage” option and then choose “File Manager” option.

Lock PST File- Manage Screen

Fig 1: Manage Screen

Download Remo MORE Windows

Step 2: From this Window, select “File Protector” option to password protect PST file.

Lock PST File- File Manager Screen

Fig 2: File Manager Screen

Step 3: From this Window, choose the file which you want to lock using “Add Files” option and then click on “Lock” button.

Lock PST File- Add Files

Fig 3: Add Files

Step 4: After this the software starts locking your PST file and once the process is completed you will get a confirmation message.

Lock PST File- Locked Screen

Fig 4: Locked Screen

Download Remo MORE Windows

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