Is your important Sent emails deleted or lost from Microsoft Outlook? Don’t Panic as it is possible to retrieve sent emails from Microsoft Outlook by using a best and effective Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool.

Microsoft Outlook are an application that has become a most popular email client in organizations and also for personal use. The Outlook applications is used to perform many tasks such as read and send emails, schedule appointments, access public folders, organize contacts, create tasks, etc. All the Outlook attributes are stored in a file called as Outlook.pst. This PST file will get generated as soon as you create an Outlook account.



Sent emails are very important as it will act as an acknowledgement or a proof for certain problems or operations while communicating between two people or industries. You may lose sent emails at any moment and there are certain data loss scenarios which are unavoidable. If you don’t want to lose important sent emails from your Microsoft Outlook then you should take certain steps in order to save Outlook data. You must protect your Outlook PST file from getting corrupt. If you have not protected your PST file and some of your important sent emails are lost or deleted, then don’t get afraid as Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool recovers all the sent emails present in the particular PST file without missing even a single mail that was present in the sent item.

Following are the scenarios for deletion or loss of mails from Sent Mail folder

Accidental Deletion: While deleting unwanted sent emails from sent folder, you may accidentally some of your important and required sent emails which will be the severe problem. Make use of this Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool to retrieve sent emails Microsoft Outlook.

PST File Size: If the size of PST file exceeds more than its maximum storage capacity, then PST file will get corrupt because of which you won’t be able to access your Outlook profile which results in loss of sent emails and other data. So in order to gain access to your PST file and get back all your data you need to repair damaged PST file by using this advanced software.

Virus Infection: Viruses corrupts the storage device along with the files present in it. If your PST gets corrupted due to viruses then it makes all your emails and other attributes inaccessible resulting in loss of emails along with sent emails.

Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool helps to recover sent emails from Microsoft Outlook without altering the contents of each and every email. Using this tool, you can repair and recover the PST files that cannot be repaired using the scanpst tool that has been inbuilt with the Outlook program. By using this simple to use user interface tool, you can also repair Outlook 2003 PST files that generally gets corrupted due to PST oversize issue. This application program has been developed with advanced scanning algorithms which scan and retrieve sent emails from Microsoft Outlook. This tool has been provided with an excellent feature by using which you can do a real time preview of the PST file through Outlook style browser view once you recover sent emails from Outlook. Here is a step by step procedure to know how to recover Outlook sent emails.

Steps to restore sent emails from Outlook :-

Step 1: Download and install the application program in the system by logging in as a local system administrator to recover sent emails from Microsoft Outlook. Click on “Find PST File” among 3 different options to find and restore sent emails from Outlook



Step 2: Select the appropriate scanning option to scan PST and recover sent emails from Microsoft Outlook

Step 3: View the number of sent emails and other attributes recovered from PST file once you restore sent emails from Outlook by using this utility.

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